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The Medal of Honor has been awarded to 3,493 individuals during 26 conflicts.


“They said we were soft, that we would not fight, that we could not win. We are not a warlike nation. We do not go to war for gain or for territory; we go to war for principles, and we produce young men like these. I think I told every one of them that I would rather have that medal, the Congressional Medal of Honor, than to be President of the United States” – Harry S. Truman


Created in 1861, The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military honor. Because it is given in the name of Congress, it is sometimes referred to as the “Congressional Medal of Honor.” It’s presented by the President to those in the U.S. armed forces for their personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. The first Medals of Honor were presented on March 25, 1863. On that day, Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, presented six Medals of Honor to members of “Andrews Raiders” for their participation during the Civil War.



Nine Submariners have been presented with the Medal of Honor.

To read an individual's Citation click on medal beneath the submariner.

Henry Breault TM2(SS)  


CAPT John Philip Cromwell

Commanding Officer, USS SCULPIN


CDR Samuel David Dealey

Commanding Officer, USS HARDER


RADM Eugene Bennett Fluckey

  Commanding Officer, USS BARB


CDR Howard Walter Gilmore

 Commanding Officer, USS GROWLER


RADM Richard H. O'Kane -

Commanding Officer, USS Tang


CDR Lawson P. Ramage

Commanding Officer, USS PARCHE


CDR George Levick Street III

 Commanding Officer, USS TIRANTE


HM 3  William R. Charette

 U.S. Navy Medical Corpsman

(serving with a marine rifle company.Korea, 27 March 1953.)


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