USS Bonefish SS-582 - 1988

April 25, 2018

Lost - 3 men - USS Bonefish battery fire.
This Week - Apr 24, 1988



3 men lost Bonefish SS-582 battery fire.


Robert W. Bordelon, Jr. Bonefish (SS-582)


Ray Earl Everts, Jr. Bonefish (SS-582)


Todd Marshall Lindgren Yeoman, Third Class (SS) Bonefish (SS-582)




30 years ago this week marks the anniversary of the USS Bonefish SS 582 - Battery Fire incident that took the lives of 3 crew members.  While conducting a dive during operations with the USS Carr, the Bonefish suffered a battery short of the main bus as a result of water from the ship's Trash Disposal Unit (T.D.U.).  In a matter of minutes an explosion and resultant fire swept up into the ships lagging in the frame bays outboard crew berthing.  Thick black smoke quickly filled the ship's compartments and the Captain ordered an Emergency Blow.  Due to its location, the crew was unable to put the fire out.  The Captain ordered Abandon Ship.  Thankfully, but 3 men were lost as a result of this devastating casualty.  So that they are not forgotten, WE remember them here.






A Crewmember's recollection of the fire in 1988



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